SmartMeasurement – Thermal Mass Flow Meter ATMF-IS series

Thermal Mass Flow Meter ATMF-IS series

  • Actual gas calibration
  • Low power dissipation under; 2W
  • Direct mass flow measurement of any gas
  • Optically isolated outputs, with graphic display
  • Standard software available multi-curve fit programs
  • Available with FM/CSA approved or non-hazardous
  • Display calibration milliwatt (mw) for ongoing diagnostics
  • Isolated 4-20 mA output and pulse output for totalized flows
  • Tracking of overall gas consumption over a turndown ratio of at least 100:1
  • Selectable engineering units, dynamically converts the flow rate and total flow
  • Can measure higher velocity than any other thermal mass meter – up to 203 m/s
  • High contrast photo-emissive OLED display with rate, total, temperature and graphic display
Line: @factocomps Tel: 092-280-2614
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